About Me

Although I was born in Zimbabwe (when it was still Rhodesia!) I now live in the UK and have been here for the past fifteen years. Between Zimbabwe and UK my husband Billy and I spent eight wonderful years in Botswana. It is all and more Mma Ramotswe says it is (Ref: The No1 Ladies Detective Agency books - by Alexander McCall-Smith) We worked hard there, but the social life was amazing. Lots of golf and good friends.

Now that I no longer work, here in UK, I love running my Blog and enjoy painting watercolours. Plus of course, having time for craft...

I am a volunteer at Mencap (folk with learning difficulties) and help with the Art and Craft groups.

I hope you enjoy my blog and find something that will interest and stimulate your groups - whether they be senior folk or Brownies or even a project to help keep the kids busy in the school hols!